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Reality show, super beauty, curl, DIY roll, get it

Joe this week to visit Dachuang, found the Japanese magic papers, but do not know the name of this paper, see the product took three bags, 39 yuan a pack, I think to buy a try, unexpectedly with several customers in the hair, very popular. The feature of this product is that it’s easy to use. You can DIY it yourself. It’s Joe stepby step, which teaches you how to use these things so that you can also have Japanese dream volumes.

Before curly hair
Before curly hair, take a look at your hair length, hair volume, hair hardness, as shown in figure model is long hair, hair tail is not much, the hair has been hot, easy to roll, so she just divided into seven volumes on it. (the more you roll, the more you pinch, the less you want, and the volume can be divided into large sums, but the waiting time is longer)
When you turn your hair down, be careful with your hands. It’s tight. The tighter the hair, the easier it is to roll
After the rotation according to the tail, avoid loose.
Put the left and right sides into each other and tighten up.
A diagram of rotating curls
Completed seven curls

Hairstyle, avatar, workplace, MM

Tired of bangs, you might as well use a simple and neat hair style to re arm yourself, to your interpretation of the perfect face. Let’s brave to show our foreheads and experience the OL’s feeling! Come and have a try! I believe there will be a different style!
In the natural dew amount of other segments

In the natural dew amount of other segments, apparently is synonymous with elegant fashion.
Natural hair line and dynamic hair ornament
Natural hair line and dotted with dynamic hair ornaments, make our forehead full of vigour.
Elegant bangs and moving black hair
Elegant bangs shape and moving black hair, highlighting the ability and tolerance.
Elegant dew amount of involute shape
Elegant dew amount of involute shape, dynamic fashion maroon hair color, simple to create Master.
Blond hair
Bold blond hair, also with a full face, a dynamic little face, very beautiful.
A gentle and full figure of a Book
A gentle and full figure of a Book
Gentle and full of volumes of temperament exposed style, simple and generous.

Japanese street style hair bangs is the focus

Let’s take a look at the thick bangs of Japan’s MM in early summer.
A hair style with a distinct sense of hierarchy

Although not short hair, but the hair above the ear can make whole hair looks more layering, this hairstyle in the building when we must pay attention to is the head of the other, must grab the sense of hierarchy, to be pulled up.
Collocation of small straw hat
When summer comes, the collocation of small straw hat should be moved to our historical stage. Such a small round hat and a pair of fringe can give a very sweet feeling.
Thick bangs
Thick bangs, super cute, not only can modify the face of the imperfect, but also the Savior of the square face MM. Plus this year’s super popular braid makes you look 10 years younger immediately.
The pear flower, is hot flower head here! Thick bangs with large waves, immediately turned a little face!

Why do modern people lose hair more often?

What’s the cause of hair loss? Why is it easier for people nowadays to lose their hair?
Hair loss for two main reasons: first, seborrheic alopecia, accounting for about 71% of all alopecia patients; two is nerve hair loss, about 28% of hair loss patients, and other causes of hair loss accounted for only 1%.
There are three main factors contributing to hair loss.
First, mental factors: in ancient times, hair loss is limited to a few high officials and noble lords, “this is the case do not top heavy and elegant” refers to. “Smart,” also shows that intellectuals suffering from the disease is not in the minority. Mental tension, depression, fear can cause nerve dysfunction, capillary sustained contraction, hair follicles get corresponding blood supply, while the top in human scalp hair, so the most easy to fall off. In today’s society, the vast majority of people are in a tense and fast pace of social life, from the young students to read competition, enter the society, competition is more fierce. Quite a few people today facing layoffs or for housing problem worry, tomorrow for their children to school, employment and depressed, psychological pressure is too large, resulting in people prone to alopecia.
Two, dietary factors: with the improvement of people’s living standards, food on the table is rich, especially animal food proportion is larger, which provided the conditions for the synthesis of male hormone excess body. Excessive androgen secretion can promote the secretion of human sebaceous glands. There is a lipophagy fungi microorganism survival of human scalp, for most people this microorganism is harmless, and in the male hormone level is higher, the scalp sebaceous secretion of grease many cases it will multiply. In the process of nutrition and metabolite release, lipid coated fungi can stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to form chronic inflammation, which gradually reduces the hair follicle and gradually deteriorates the hair producing function.
Three, improper washing. Nowadays, due to the improvement of people’s living conditions, more attention to hygiene, many people wash their hair every day, take a shower, or even two times sooner or later shampoo. On the part of male hormone secretion, seborrheic seborrheic dermatitis patients, it is not often shampoo, scalp sebum accumulation, sebum secretion can form a negative pressure, slow down its secretion rate. If frequent shampoo, coupled with the stimulation of detergent, sebum secretion faster, more serious destruction of hair follicles, it is no wonder that hair is decreasing.
For the cause of hair loss, we should do the following:
First, we should maintain a happy mind and a pleasant mood, and take the initiative to adapt to the fast pace of life, and correctly deal with the pressure of life.
The two is to a reasonable diet, can not eat too much meat and animal food, nutrition and reasonable collocation do. Especially seborrheic dermatitis patients should control the intake of fat.
Three is to control the number of shampoo, usually once a week, the summer and fall up to two times a week. At the same time to choose good washing effect and stimulate small shampoo, you can not use inferior products.
The four is the head skin diseases should be treated actively, suffering from seborrheic dermatitis, tinea capitis patients in the Department of Dermatology doctor under the guidance of rational use of drugs.

The secret of wearing a wig

Many patients with alopecia, such as premature baldness, alopecia, scald caused by favus of scarring alopecia, alopecia totalis or extensive, often seriously affect the beauty, especially in women will cause great psychological trauma. The easiest way is to use a wig to cover up defects and get spiritual comfort and psychological satisfaction.
There are two kinds of wigs. One is made by real hair, and the other by chemical fiber. There are three ways to make a wig, that is, machine weaving, semi hand weaving, and hand knitting.
Wearing a wig, you can choose a variety of styles of hair, such as youth, wave, and freestyle, according to your preference. After wearing a wig, you must comb it regularly, comb the wig to be light, and prevent the wig from falling off, you’d better comb it once a day. When the wig is washed, the hair is combed and washed, then washed and combed, and the hands can not be rubbed indiscriminately, nor can all the headgear be immersed in water, so as to prevent the wig from being messed up. Wig should not be washed, usually half a month to wash once.
Wear a wig, you should pay attention to choose the color of the wig, as far as possible with their age and the original hair match. In addition to pay attention to sleep before the wig off, or make a wig cap lining, and cap lining can only change, which is clean and sanitary and can prolong the service life.

Packaging industry will usher in new opportunities for development

The public’s understanding of the importance of food packaging is deepening, prompting the market to improve the food packaging requirements, but also to promote the packaging industry updated development. In 13th Five-Year the first year of planning, the packaging industry will usher in a new development opportunity. In the face of the expanding market demand, what should the packaging enterprises do?
Commodity packaging printing is not only one of the most important means of decoration for goods packaging, but also plays the role of transmitting messages, introducing commodities, publicizing enterprise culture, and reflecting the user’s personality and taste. For some goods, such as cigarette, wine, packaging and printing security also plays an important role, so the packaging printing industry plays an increasingly important role in modern business, has become one of the main force to promote the development of the printing industry in China, its growth rate is significantly higher than the average level of the whole printing industry, in the 11 sub sectors in the growth after the label printing industry. According to authoritative departments predicted that in 2016 the packaging industry will be considerable development, and its growth rate will be higher than the national GDP two to three percentage points, while an increase of 8% to 10% will be the new normal development of packaging printing. In the new normal, packaging printing enterprises in the new development environment, take the road of development?

Vigilance hair hazards, the use of Tang style additional, can also be very beautiful!

The beauty of the men and women is always willing to try new things, more amazing shape, and hair color change will undoubtedly become the preferred way, use a different color to show different charm, with different images to decorate different mood, beauty of the heart, there is nothing wrong. Click here to see the reissue information.
But, my dear friends, do you understand that hair dyeing is seriously damaging to the human body?
As everyone knows, Taiwan Dean level artist Gao Lingfeng in the game Hair Coloring, exit process, the gorgeous color of hair also became his trademark.
Vigilance hair hazards, the use of Tang style additional, can also be very beautiful!
The picture comes from the Internet
But in 2012, Gao Lingfeng was suffering from leukemia, and the doctor’s professional opinion pointed out that hair coloring is the biggest incentive. Are you in the mood now?
Vigilance hair hazards, the use of Tang style additional, can also be very beautiful!
But in fact, you do not have to worry about, want to change the United States, and more ways to go, even if you want to change hair color, it is not difficult. Tang style, fashion, customization, is your best choice.
Guard against hair hazard
Whether Liu Qi, grandma gray, Bob, tomboy; whether you is what kind of hairstyle, are easy to fix, put on new fashion style, but also can not change the original hair or damage the hair, and wearing relaxed, vivid, is very attractive?
Wait! I have some questions to ask!

Jinhua weaving hair where good? Little white hair, little American hair knitting choice!

Jinhua weaving hair where good? In today’s society, we can see that some boys and girls are young, but have long white hair, which is called “hoary head”. Some are congenital, others are acquired. But treatment is not easy.
The original pattern of love, let this little white hair affect their own good image, so that many men, girls and parents are troubled.
Jinhua weaving hair where good? Little white hair, little American hair knitting choice!
The medicine is that hair and Ying Qi, pectoral Qi Qi and the three are closely related, if the function or balance of supply, human hair, the skin is normal, if there are two gas shortage or damage, then the human skin, hair can also damage, showing different morbid, Shao Baitou is among them a.
Shao Baitou treatment is not easy, but beauty is human nature. Some girls choose to dye their hair, but the hair dye is a chemical after all. It’s against your health. Some girls in order to make hair look less white hair, just cut the hair short and short, gray hair position is more anxious to cut off. The oriental girl’s hair is black and beautiful!
Jinhua weaving hair where good? Little white hair, little American hair knitting choice!
Love sports girl, little beauty has a good figure, more black hair, beautiful hair, where to go, will become the focus of attention. After talking to her, I found out that little beauty was once a bald headed girl, and she was worried about juvenile grey hair. She had taken Chinese medicine, smeared it and painted it, but there was no satisfactory result. By chance, she recognized the modern hair and tried. Since then, her image has changed a little and her troubles have stopped.
Modern technology is different from ordinary hair wigs, without clip, without weaving technology, the use of real hair, through tailor-made, combined with the existing hair so you no longer have a seamless heavenly robe, hair care. As long as the regular maintenance, you can according to your needs at random blowing, ironing, combing and washing, making a favorite hairstyle. Even exercise, swimming does not affect the use.

Refuse boring, seaweed, variety hair

Along with the TV drama “dwelling” hit, played a seaweed corner of Hubei actor Li Nian also quickly become a talk at leisure. Perhaps, you told her the most impressive thing is that never innocent face, but in fact, she was in the drama played a little girl into a lady play! Come and see her amazing hair.
Take 1: straight hair, pure

Xiao Bian commented: this long straight hair, I believe that saw “humble abode” of the MM are not strange. 37 divisions of oblique bangs, plus irregular pruning, such as water as pure temperament immediately appear, it is no wonder that Song Siming is such a mature man, this refined temperament deeply attracted by the charm of the hair, as can be imagined.
Comments: This is actually the hair, straight hair with the improved version, is to take a ponytail hair long enough, mm can also put Masson on his chest, both ponytail active power, and a mature charm, no wonder when algae in the play work repeatedly chose this a simple hairstyle.
Xiao Bian commented: with the footsteps of Christmas more and more near, recently, Li Nian also took a set of red based color playing photo. In the portrait, she cut the head of a round bangs, not only to bring out the vitality of her own, but also added a bit retro charm, the time seems to have returned to the 80s.
Take 2: curly hair vitality

The front is the head behind the vitality of the girl ponytail hairstyle DIY

Can you have a ponytail? So may we all laughed, but you may not be able to take out the Japanese mm kind of super adorable cute fluffy tail. Do not like to tie complex bag head, and want to cute when, try to see this fluffy Cute Japanese pony tail! The neck seems very slender, and with a beautiful scarf, very suitable for the activity of mm of a Gal ponytail. Follow the web to study together.

Before the other, oblique Liu Haizhong hair, hair a little volume.
Complete graph, very neat fluffy tail, viewed from the front visual effects like lovely head, back is swaying high ponytail, also has two senses.
STEP1. set aside bangs, set aside a wisp of hair on both sides, with a high ponytail. Amy: leave a small tip on both sides of the hair on the line, will be more cumbersome.